Widely accepted as the place where humans and the great apes originated billions of years ago, Africa and its 54 countries, is a uniquely fascinating and deeply diverse continent. It is a vast, beautiful and challenged continent where extremes are normal. Africa should be on the must-see list of anyone seeking a once in a lifetime experience. Discover rare and protected species, dramatic and sometimes intimidating landscapes and the birth place of humans. It is a place to learn, to respect and to enjoy for the wonders it has to offer. 

When people think about a holiday that gets them close to nature, they often think of Africa. So many tourist images of the continent depict an exhilarating safari scene; wild creatures hunting their prey or gathered around a watering hole quenching their thirst. Its easy to see why this huge continent is top of the list for anyone after a big adventure that connects them with the wild. 


Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

If you seek sheer drama and magnificence, then Mount Kilimanjaro should be top of your list. Treks to the top of this 4,900-metre-high dormant volcano are the highlight of many climbers’ careers. Should you prefer to gaze up at the wonder of this African beauty from the foothills then there are many tours available to allow you to do this. The National Park is close to the Serengeti, so you can combine your visit to Kilimanjaro with a safari drive or balloon ride. This will be a holiday that you remember your whole life. 

Red Sea Reef, Egypt

With exceptional water clarity due to low rainfall and lack of river discharge, this reef is a must for divers. Bathe in warm waters and enjoy the variety of brightly coloured fish which dart around the reef. If like us, you are mindful of the environment and worry about damaging the delicate reef ecosystem, then be sure to stick to pontoons and cross-reef walkways. These have been designed to prevent divers and snorkellers from breaking the reef as they enter and exit the water. If being in the water is not your thing then visit the Hurghada Grand Aquarium. 

The Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga, South Africa

This is the biggest green canyon in the world and one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa. Hippos, antelope and an abundance of flora and fauna can be spotted in the gorge. Waterfalls, interesting rock formations and a river meandering its way through the thick green forests, what more could you ask for? Blyde River canyon is one African destination you’ll want to add to your bucket list.  Combine your trip with a safari tour of Kruger National Park, to really immerse yourself in African nature. 

Select Escapes can help you to discover the amazing places and highlights of the great African continent and create the holiday experience of a lifetime.

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