Why should North America be on your wanderlust radar?

What does this ancient continent offer the intrepid traveller? It’s certainly not unfair to describe North America as a land of breath-taking contrasts, of astonishing scale and of stirring beauty with around 9.5 million square miles of land and water to explore, you’ll find twenty-three countries to add to your bucket list (including the USA, all the Caribbean countries, Canada, Mexico and Greenland). 

All the earth’s main biomes can be encountered (coral reefs, rainforests, tundra, desert, grassland), if you have time on your side, this continent is about ancient history, geology, popular culture, nature, mountains, snow, sun, people, beauty, diversity and adventure. 

North America is not one destination, it is a lifetime of destinations and at Select Escapes we are here to help you get the most out of both the natural and physical wonders of North America. If it’s crystal clear water and scuba dives you crave or if spotting grizzly bears and eagles will tick your box, then we’ll get your there. 


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Visit Yellowstone to experience the eruption of Old Faithful, a giant geothermal geyser that has erupted more than 1,000,000 times. The park is home to over half of the world’s active geysers and was created to protect these geothermal marvels.

It is also one of thelargest, nearly intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth. An impressive and healthy concentration of mammals such as mountain lions, bison, wolves, elk and grizzly bears can be spotted in the park in their protected and highly valued natural habitat. While there, take a wolf excursion with a trained ranger to spot these splendid and elusive animals. 

The Everglades, Florida

The Everglades is a relatively untouched and undeveloped mangrove jungle bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Bay islands. It is a designated Wetland Area of Global Importance and is home to alligators, lizards, an array of bird species and racoons.

A wildlife trip here will make you feel as if you are starring in an episode of the 19060’s TV series, Gentle Ben as you traverse the wet lands by airboat. Enjoy the habitat that accompanies a subtropical climate and have a trip of a lifetime.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a dream destination for many. It is beautiful, verdant, tropical and idyllic. You can visit picture perfect beaches, swim with multicoloured fish and trek through jungles teeming with wildlife.

Nature is in abundance everywhere you turn in the Caribbean but how about visiting one of the many waterfalls that typify this cluster of islands? Emerald Pool Falls in Dominica, Somerset Falls in Jamaica or Diamond Falls in St Lucia are all stunning examples. Some off the beaten track, some popular with tourists. 

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